About Shiftbalance

Shiftbalance is a think and action tank sparking conversations on the need for a more balanced society.

It is a positive activism platform wishing to renew the conversation around feminism in particular and gender balance in general.

Making it more fun, more inclusive, more visual and creative.

Our mission: to collect, produce and spread information on everyday sexism and existing solutions!

Our objective: transform each of us in to a balancemaker!

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For two years, we gathered research on the best tactics used by the social entrepreneurs and activists around the world to bring more balance between the genders.

This book is a very practical guide, freely available online and it's a toolbox for those who want to become balance-makers, themselves.

If you want to learn about feminism 2.0 and how to leverage new media to challenge the patriarchal structures, join us for our next talk or workshop!



Our founder, Aurélie Salvaire, has been working for the past ten years in the social innovation field, collaborating with Oxfam, Ashoka, Unreasonable Institute and Impact Hub. She founded and curated different TEDx events and especially TEDxBarcelonaWomen. She is passionate about storytelling and how new stories can help us to empower individuals and balance the world. Watch her talk at TEDxPorto!