Visit to GODESS Institute at Hanken School of Economics

8 October, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

Last Monday, October 10 we were in Helsinki, Finland visiting the GODESS Institute at the Hanken School of Economics.

GODESS researches and develops areas of gender, organisation, diversity, equality, and social sustainability in transnational times.

Kamilla Sultanova (left), Aurélie Salvaire (center), Leila Gharavi (right)


Kamilla Sultanova recorded a Facebook live video with Aurélie and Leila Gharavi who was responsible for organizing this event. We discussed Balance the World!, the importance of new stories by women and for women, and the need for more changemakers to become leaders in our communities! Check it out here.


Thank you for having us at Hanken! We’re looking forward to some day visitingUzbekistan with Kamilla!

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