Power comes in different forms. Through the mind, the body and the soul. Every year we gather women from all over the globe to be part of our power bootcamps. You will get a chance to network with likeminded souls. There is nothing better than spending quality time together to create strong bonds that last a lifetime. And a powerful professional network is what helps us thrive!

Then, skills obviously of communication, public speaking, leadership that are keys to today’s world. At the end of these intense 5 days, each participant will leave with a personalized mindmap of her 2020-2021 objectives and the concrete steps to reach them.

In parallel to the group sessions, individual sessions will be offered in storytelling coaching, setting yearly personal objectives, financial management, non-violent communication, tarot reading and more!

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Next editions

We will soon be updating information about the coming power bootcamps. If you are interested, register here and we will keep you informed for the next editions. You can also join our Facebook group to keep up with all the latest information.

To get ready for this amazing week, you can download our book and learn about storytelling in our webinar.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Virtual Power Bootcamp Easter 2020

Given the current situation, we have decided to launch a virtual Power Bootcamp to bring love and support to our beautiful community!
From Monday 6th to Friday 10th of April, every afternoon, we will gather to talk freely about how women all around the world are experiencing the current situation.
In the middle of the stress and the uncertainty, we want to offer a safe space to share stories, learn from each other and have fun!
We will talk about love and sex under lockdown, the best series to watch or how to take care of our mental health! We will dream about the future and celebrate sisterhood together!
Join us next every day in English from 5 pm to 6 pm CET and in Spanish from 7 pm to 8 pm CET! Register below for the different sessions!
Looking forward! Stay safe!

Monday 6th of April – 5 pm CET – Love and sex under lockdownOur relationships are pretty strained during these times. How do you cope? If you are living with your partner, how is it going? If you are physically separated from your partner, how does it feel? If you do not currently have a partner, what is your experience?

Monday 6th of April – 7 pm CET – Amor y sexo en cuarentenaCómo amamos en estos tiempos de aislamiento social? Si estas con tu pareja, cómo va? Si estas separada de tu pareja, cémo lo vives? Si no tienes pareja, cómo es tu experiencia?

Tuesday 7th of April – 5pm CET –  Having fun in times of crisisWhat do you do to have fun and laugh? What are the greatest series you binge-watched? The old movies you enjoyed? The dancing routine you have put in place? Share your tips to brighten your mood!

Martes 7 de Abril – 7pm CET – Divertirse en tiempos de crisis
Que haces para divertirte y reír de la situación? Que series o pelis has mirado? Bailas? Cantas? Pintas? Cuéntanos cómo consigues pasartelo bien en este periodo tan complicado!

Wednesday 8th of April – 5pm CET : Self-care Wednesday. How do you take care of your mental health during this lockdown? How do you manage your anxiety? What about your physical health? Do you feel pressured to still conform to beauty standards?

Miércoles 8 de Abril – 7pm CET – Cómo te cuidas?En esta cuarentena, cómo cuidas de tu salud mental? Cómo gestionas tu ansiedad? Que haces para estar en forma física o canalizar tu energia? Te sientes presionada para conformarte con estándares de belleza aún ahora?

Thursday 9th of April – 5pm CET – Viva la sororidad!How do you support your sisters out there? How do women from different countries experiment the situation? What can you do to show up for them?

Jueves 9 de Abril – 7pm CET – Sisterhood is powerfulCómo puedes apoyar as tus amigas, madres, hijas durante esta crisis? Cómo mujeres de varios países están viviendo la situación? Qué puedes hacer para apoyarlas?

Friday 10th of April – 5pm CET – What’s next? What is your dream for the after lockdown? At personal and global level? What do you think will change? Are we heading towards a more feminist and inclusive future? Or towards more control and totalitarianism? What is your hope and vision? What is our role designing this new phase?

Viernes 10 de Abril – 7pm CET – Qué futuro tendremos?En que estas soñando después de esta cuarentena? A nivel personal y global? Que piensas que va a cambiar? Nos dirigimos hacia un futuro màs feminista e inclusivo? O hacia màs control y totalitarismo? Cuál es tu visión y tu esperanza? Cuàl es nuestro rol en diseñar esta nueva fase?