Schibsted and Sparknews in London

10 October, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

Two great visits in one city!

First we visited the Sparknews Positive Innovation Club to give a business pitch to an audience of top executives and inspiring project leaders. Sparknews mission is to amplify positive impact initiatives. They organize every year the Impact Journalism Day sharing positive stories on June 20th.

It was a rich experience of developing more inclusive practices, considering our short and long term business plans, and sharing our diverse experiences and backgrounds with each other.

Next up: the London office of Schibsted, an international media group. We presented tips for and examples on creating a women’s network in a company.

With the various Women’s Networks like Lean In Circles, or Affinity Groups and Inclusion Councils, we talked about the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

We love to see companies like Sparknews and Schibsted actively working to diversify and include all people in their workplace. Representation and equitable practices are especially important in the field of media where their work will impact people all around the world.

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