JUMP Forum in Lyon

11 October, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

Shiftbalance’s second time participating in the JUMP Forum was a success!










This past spring we ran a Storytelling Workshop at JUMP Paris. This autumn, in addition to the Storytelling workshop, we delivered a keynote speech our work in women’s empowerment and gender balance and participated in a round table called “Women Are Heroes”.

Round Table “Women are Heroes” moderator Marie Allibert (JUMP) (left to right) and participants Marie-Sophie Obama (Professional basketball player, President of Lyon ASVEL féminin)Pierre-Yves Ginet (Co-founder and PDG Femmes Ici et Ailleurs), Patric Jean (Producer, author of “Les hommes veulent ils l’égalité”), and Aurélie Salvaire of Shiftbalance.

During the Storytelling workshop, JUMP participants not only learned the important power of Storytelling but also the key factors which make a story influential.

After individual and group crafting and collaboration, participants shared their short story pitches. We believe that every woman has the confidence and capability of telling their compelling stories to any audience.

JUMP is always full of inspirational and influential individuals, from those specialized in women’s empowerment to others who come from various corporations to learn more about promoting gender equality in their workplace. We need to keep exchanging ideas and challenging one another to take the next step in advancing women in the world!

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