We will be launching soon a book celebrating 50 extraordinary female Pakistani role models designed for audiences’ ages 4 years to 104!

Pakistan is home to countless untold stories. Stories of innovative, adventurous and intrepid women who have challenged the status-quo to become trailblazers in various walks of life.

Stories of real-life female role models that incite hope, educate and inspire action and initiate meaningful dialogue and change.

Fearless: Stories of Amazing Women from Pakistan is a book for children and young adults that chronicles the lives of 50 incredible women from Pakistan.

Striking, bold illustrations accompany the powerful narration that highlights the contributions of these notable women and girls from across the fields of science and technology, arts, politics, law, activism and sports.

Fearless allows South Asian children to discover real-life women and girls who are changing the narrative and paving the way for others and allows them to dream big through the daring deeds of these incredible women from across different sectors, geographies, and ages in Pakistan.

Changing the narrative about Pakistani women
The creators of this publication strongly believe that the power of visibility, representation and narrative cannot be underrated.
Seeing such few women in mainstream national, regional and global industries who look like, talk like, dress like and act like them discourages young girls across South Asia from pursuing their interests and passions, particularly if these do not align with popular notions of what good girls must do.
This makes celebrating the achievements of these 50 women and making their stories accessible to young readers, both male and female, a radical and empowering act.
Amneh Shaikh-Farooqui

Amneh Shaikh-Farooqui is a social activist and community leader turned entrepreneur. She has worked in the not-for-profit sector in Pakistan for over a decade and is the founder and official storyteller for her social enterprise, Polly and Other Stories. Language has always been important to Amneh and a well-phrased sentence makes her heart sing. Amneh is passionate about women’s empowerment, visibility, inclusion and really good cheese. Despite her best efforts to appear quite sophisticated, Amneh admits that she much more like a lyric from Manic Monday and it is only the fact that she chugs along like ‘the Little Engine that Could’ that gets her through the day!
Aurélie Salvaire

Aurélie Salvaire is a French gender activist who fell in love with Pakistan. For the past 2 years, she roamed around the Land of the Pure to shoot a documentary on masculinity called Maard Ban and publish a book on feminism 2.0. She runs storytelling workshops all around the world and engages the young generation to become gender activists. As a nomad, she has traveled to more than 100 countries so far and hopes to explore the 96 remaining in the 20 coming years!
Aziza Ahmad

Aziza is a graphic designer, illustrator and print enthusiast based in Karachi, Pakistan. Her playful subversion of stereotypes and representation of the Female Experience follow a golden ratio of equal measures cuteness + crassness + creepiness. She designs for small press Mongrel Books and edtech startup Dot & Line, has worked with VICE, Herald and Vasl Artists’ Association and, no, she won’t design your wedding card so don’t ask.
Sara Nisar
Sara Nisar is a communication designer and an arts manager, interested in achieving impact and sustainability through the arts. Her work is centred on designing systems and creating spaces that empower individuals and shape up organisational culture, especially in the creative industry.
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