The story

This story starts more than 30 years ago in a village of the Pyrenees. It starts with a little girl, photo TEDx
born Libra, experiencing drastic power inbalance between men and women in her life, her family, her environment.

It starts with a strong feminist mother whose voice and visibility were yet too weak.

It starts with everyday experiences of boys’ conversations in highschools, bosses’ remarks at work or discussions over Christmas dinners.

Years later, the little girl felt she had to do something about it. To give voice and visibility to those who deserved to have one.

So she started TEDxBarcelonaWomen in 2012 shining light on solutions to gender inbalance. And she loved it. Repeated in 2013 with the topic “Get men involved in gender equity!”. And then realized she would actually like to bring the conversation further. All along the year. in our everyday life. That’s how Shiftbalance slowly took shape.

So if you feel as well that we need to reshape the society we live in, contact me and we will figure it out!