We are building a community of empowered women all around the world!

21 Days Boost Your Power Challenge:

Our 21 Day Challenge is a unique free online coaching program that allows women from different countries to boost their power and set ambitious objectives! Download the objectives sheet here:


Facebook Group:

Join our Facebook group by clicking here and be part of an International community of women from all over the world. It’s time to shift the balance!


We are looking for young people willing to make a difference in order to carry out our work locally.

The role of the ambassador is to set up your own 21 days challenge Whatsapp group with a minimum of 10 participants from your community and moderate it at least 3 times during the coming year. It is a voluntary commitment. For more information click here.  

If you want to become a Shiftbalance ambassador, send an email to


The role of the connector is to organize a boot camp in your community. For more information click here.