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It’s time to celebrate the fact that there are many ways to be male and female

It’s the first thing we want to know when a newborn arrives. We state it on every form we fill out. We mark it with pronouns, names, clothing, and hairstyle. It’s the first thing we register about a person.

Sex categories – whether you have female or male genitals – are fundamental for reproduction. They are also the principal way we carve up the social world. No surprise then that scientists and the general public alike often assume that sex categories are no less essential to how we think, feel, and behave, taking it for granted that there are female and male natures subserved by a “female brain” and a “male brain”, respectively.

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Men’s Lib!

SO far the gender revolution has been a one-sided effort. Women have entered previously male precincts of economic and political life, and for the most part they have succeeded. They can lead companies, fly fighter jets, even run for president.

But along the way something crucial has been left out. We have not pushed hard enough to put men in traditionally female roles — that is where our priority should lie now. This is not just about gender equality. The stakes are even higher. The jobs that many men used to do are gone or going fast, and families need two engaged parents to share the task of raising children.

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How To Raise Boys Who Believe In Gender Equality

It’s easy to say that you believe in equality of the sexes. Of course you do! Everyone should have the same basic rights and privileges, no matter their gender, race, ability or sexual orientation. But how do you teach lessons that can be so fraught with history, violence and oppression to bright-eyed little ones?

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La revolución de los hombres feministas

Dejó un año su trabajo para estar al lado de su hijo, porque se dio cuenta de que, cuidando a otros, los humanos se sienten más humanos. Esa experiencia le sirvió a Tomas Agnemo para afianzar aún más sus convicciones de que la igualdad de género no solo beneficia a las mujeres, sino también a los hombres. Ahora es presidente de la ONG sueca Men for Gender Equality (Hombres para la Igualdad de Género) y portavoz de MenEngage Europa, una red mundial de organizaciones en las que los hombres reivindican esta causa. Como explicó a S Moda tras su intervención en el TEDxWomen celebrado el pasado junio en Barcelona, la equidad entre ambos sexos crea un planeta más saludable, beneficioso y seguro para todos. Read more…


‘There’s no stigma’: why so many Danish women are opting to become single mothers

More and more women in the country are deciding to start families using donor sperm, rather than waiting for the right man to come along.

‘Everyone has a dad,’ I heard my son’s friend telling him the other day, ‘Nope: not me,’ was his response,” says Anne Patricia Rehlsdorph, 45, a lawyer from Copenhagen. “He’s seven now but he has known since he was two that he’s a donor baby and our ‘family’ is just me and him. Solo parenting can be hard, but it’s also fantastic. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Read more…

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