13 March, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

Last month of March, we discovered the immense Australian continent for the first time!

We first landed in Western Australia, in Perth and ran a crazy session there with local innovators!

Then we visited the fabulous campus of UWA (University of Western Australia) and ran a session for their French club before meeting the members of the local French Alliance.

Then we crossed the whole country to go to Melbourne to talk to an architect group there about how to build cities for women.

And finally we landed in the beautiful city of Sydney where we presented the book to the local HEC alumni chapter before being a mentor and jury member of the first Australian Sextech Hackathon which was a lot of fun!!!

We definitely want to come back and discover all the cities we have missed as well as the rough outback! See you soon!

11 February, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

During the months of January and February, we have been touring the country, delivering classes, workshops and talks on social activism and feminism to the young generation.

Our social activism class at Beaconhouse Defense Campus.


Kinnaird College


Training Asma Jahangir’s paralegal staff


Citischool Muslim Town Campus

KLF Panel

25 January, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

On January 13th, we had the opportunity to visit HUBBA for the first time, the first and largest coworking in Thailand and we had a great conversation there with the local community! It was the occasion to share our book for the first time and to get feedback from local activists and entrepreneurs. Hopefully we will be back in Bangkok in the coming months for more activities!


1 January, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

More than 3 years after the creation of Shiftbalance, we thought we needed a revamped website so here it is!

We wanted to share with you the diversity of our work and we are particularly excited about the new prospects : the book, the tour and much much more so stay tuned!

You can register here with our mailing list if you want us to keep you posted about our recent updates ! Happy New year!

1 December, 2017 Aurélie Salvaire

Mid December, we flew to Yangon to deliver a storytelling workshop for the rising stars of the Wedu mentoring program.

These young and promising women learned to better tell their story and master their own narrtive in order to give powerful interventions in public.

Check Wedu website if you wish to mentor some of their mentees!

1 November, 2017 Aurélie Salvaire

At Shiftbalance, we believe that gender equity will never be reached if men do not question the traditional conception of masculinity.

We think most of the conversations focus on women empowerment but 2017 sexual harassment scandals and the #metoo campaign showed us that men need to reflect deeply on what it means to be a man as well.

In India, the famous actor Amir Khan challenges the norms of masculinity through his mainstream TV show Satyamey Jayate and his last movie Dangal where a father is teaching his girls to wrestle.

But we found that this conversation was not really taking place on the other side of the border.

So, last month of March, while we were working in one of the most patriarchal countries on earth, Pakistan, we decided to interview local activists, artists and entrepreneurs about this topic.

The result has been the Maard Ban (Be a man) documentary. 28 minutes of interviews from the famous South Asia feminist Kamla Bhasin, the human rights lawyer Jibran Nasir or the UN Women Country Representative Jamshed M Kazi on how men need to be more in touch with their emotions.

The new media channel Propagaanda decided to promote our work on their platform. Watch the vlog here!

During the month of November, while we were teaching at Beaconhouse Schools young kids about social activism, we had the opportunity to partner with the French Alliance and the French Embassy in Pakistan through the program Open Doors which promotes French artists and intellectuals in the country in order to screen our documentary on different locations.

We started in Lahore at the Feminist Comic Con and during the media week from FC College, followed by an intervention at the Feminist Society of LUMS prestigious university, as well as National College of Arts.

In Karachi, we had a very intense post-screening debate with the HFem Collective of the prestigious Habib university. The writer Bina Shah and the professor Severine Minot were part of the panel as well as Sadaffe Abid whose campaign #elevatepak promotes the participation of women in panels and conferences.

Then we had the opportunity to screen the documentary at the Women of the World event in Karachi. The international event, supported by SouthBank Center and the British Council, showcased the vest feminist initiatives of the country.

And then, in Islamabad, we had the best screening of all, at the FACE cultural center, in presence of the French ambassador and of some of the activists interviewed in the documentary.

We will be back in Pakistan in February, for more screenings and workshops so stay tuned!

1 November, 2017 Aurélie Salvaire

Last month of November, we were invited as guest speaker to the Balance for Business roadshow, the annual event on diversity within Airbus group.

Only 16% women engineers in Airbus, 10% in the expert pool and 4% of the global experts so there is still some room for improvement!

The objective of the roadshow, a bottom up organization is to showcase the different internal communities working on a more inclusive workforce, would it be in terms of gender, geographical origin or IQ.

 You can check here the presentation that we did there.

1 September, 2017 Aurélie Salvaire

For the third year in a row, we supported the competition from Font Vella Eres Impulso which gives a special push to female social entrepreneurs in Spain.

During on full day, like the past 2 editions, we coached the 10 finalists on how to better master their pitch and present their project in a personal and impactful way.

We were very proud of their progress during the final public presentation at Valkyria Hub Space.

As member of the jury, we had a hard time chosing the 2 winners with the other jiry members, Sonia Navarro from ESADE Social innovation institute, Clara Navarro from Ship2B, Alexandra Mitjans from Ashoka Cataluña and Pablo Sanchez from Bcorp España.

Find out more information on the website if you want to register for the next edition!

1 July, 2017 Aurélie Salvaire

Last month of July, we were invited to the Ouishare Fest to be part of a panel on gender and urbanism with Eman Karim, from UN Women He for She program, Iman Bibars from Ashoka Arab World, Asmaa Guedira from Womanity and Audrey Noeltner from Womenability.

We talked about different solutions from all around the world to ensure our cities are truly inclusive and safe for both men and women.

Watch the video of our conversation there or our Slideshare on how to build cities with women in mind !