25 June, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

At the end of June, we landed in the Philippines, the Asian country which is the best ranked in terms of gender equity to speak at the She for She event organized by the French Embassy!

It was the opportunity to meet amazing women entrepreneurs, artists and activist from Philippines!

It was a great moment and we hope to be back in Philippines very soon!


6 June, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

Beginning of June, we were in Brussels for the 2018 edition of the European Development Days. 

And we were proud to present our book to the local NGOs and activists!

We had different interviews with media.

And we were also part of the great panel Catch up with #HerNarrative! A new role for media in women’s empowerment. You can check online the recording of our exchange there!

Read the article about our work in Le Journal du Dimanche!

10 May, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

After months of traveling in Asia and Oceania, we first landed back in Europe in the city of Berlin for a beautiful facilitators’ training of the Ashoka Changemaker Exchange community.

This beautiful moment in the middle of the countryside was the opportunity to get to know other fellow facilitators, discover new techniques and dive into non violent communication tools.

We took care of our well-being through different mindfulness practices, gratitude walks and appreciation circles.

It was a very special time that we all cherished very deeply!

26 April, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

We ended our month of April in the capital of KPK province, at the border with Afghanistan for the 2018 edition of the Digital Youth Summit.

Started in 2014, the event is the opportunity to bring together the next generation of digital innovators in Pakistan. We gave a talk about the need to build a tech environment more inclusive of women (only 14% of the 2 days 70 speakers were female and most of the audience was also male). We also moderated a panel on the entrepreneurs below 30 (as is 60% of Pakistan’s 200 Million population…).

We even were at the first row to listen to the talk of the local hero, Imran Khan, former captain of the national cricket team who won the World Cup, and local politician running soon to be Prime Minister.

All the groupies were there!

After the talks, with the amazing Azima Dhanjee from ConnectHear and Saba Gul from Popinjay, two excellent tech entrepreneurs from Karachi, we roamed around the old bazar of the storytellers in Peshawar and hided inside the caranvanserails of the old city!

22 April, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

At the end of April, we were back in Lahore for a few days to speak at the Women in Business 10th conference organized by Pakistan Society for Development and Training.

You can watch our talk there!

We met again with two beautiful athletes, Hajra Khan, captain of the Pakistan female football team and Rameesha Shahid, Pakistan’s first female kickboxing instructor!

And we also explored the old city with our Omani friend Lamya Al Haj!

Posing with the beautiful bag from our friend Hirra Babr from WARP. Check it out!

10 April, 2018 Aurélie Salvaire

When one dreams of quiet and peaceful nature, grandiose landscapes and progressive culture, which country comes to mind? New Zealand of course! With a young female pregnant Prime Minister and the first country to give women the right to vote in 1893! So we decided to explore this remote territory once and for all!

First we discovered the splendid mountains of the Southern Island, from Queenstown to Christchurch. And it was WOW!

After that, we landed in Wellington, the country’s capital on the Northern island to attend the New Frontiers event from the Edmund Hillary Fellowship. EHF is supporting a community of impact entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers to build meaningful solutions to global problems.

A basecamp for a better world!

We met so many passionate entrepreneurs during this week that we sincerely hope to be part of this community soon! Fingers crossed!